7 Fun Things to Do When High

7 Fun Things to Do When High
  1. Nature Walk

Take a stroll across the city, through a neighboring park, or even just a few blocks through your own neighbourhood. You will discover new aspects of each setting. You’ll start to notice small features that previously went unnoticed. It could be challenging to get motivated to start walking at first. But as soon as you do, you’ll realise how good it feels. If you move quickly, you might even have a slight sense of floating. Exercise also stimulates brain function, enhancing and perhaps extending your high.

  1. Bubble Baths

After a long day at work, a challenging workout, or a stressful scenario, what could be better than a long, hot bath? Baths are incredibly relaxing, but one way to improve them is by adding your favourite strain to them!

  1. Listen to Music

Typical advice – we know! But there’s a good reason why listening to music while high is mentioned on every single one of these lists—just it’s that wonderful!

The experience of listening to good music while stoned is unlike anything else, whether your taste is in rock, classical, or hip hop. Without the appropriate marijuana strain, it simply isn’t the same.

  1. Meditate

Consider getting high and using guided meditation to enter the zone if you’ve been wanting to start meditating but are having trouble doing it with a sober head. Although meditation is very good for the body and mind, it can be challenging to concentrate without practice. Sometimes asking someone to do nothing is the hardest thing you can ask them to do. For 10 minutes, don’t think or do anything. Actually, most people are unable to do this. It takes practice to learn to manage your thoughts and emotions, and meditation is one method for doing this.

  1. Binge Watch Movies or Shows

There is no shortage of stuff to be drawn into a 6-hour THC-induced binge-watching vortex with all of the streaming apps accessible right now (Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and the list goes on).

Let’s not forget YouTube, which has literally billions of hours of videos to view from millions of YouTube accounts throughout the world. If you haven’t been high and gone down a rabbit hole of some seriously bizarre YouTube content, you haven’t lived.)

  1. Play Games

Get out a simple deck of cards or whichever board games you have. While playing games like Jenga or Monopoly correctly can be difficult, they can be a lot of fun. Even if no one is aware of the rules anymore, it will still be funny. Party games of other genres may also be enjoyable. “Truth or dare,” “never have I ever,” or “would you rather?” come to mind. Just consider the type of ideas you will have while stoned, pretty awesome ones I bet!

  1. Take a Snooze

We just cannot argue with the fact that the nicest sensation in the world after getting high is curling up in bed with a pile of cozy blankets and placing your head on a soft cushion. In all honesty, sleeping is such a neglected activity. Many people experience insomnia or disturbed sleep which is why many people use cannabis to fall asleep faster. Go ahead, hit the hay and happy sleeping!

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